Green Day-When I Come Around

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Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 19:16:56 -0600
From: Gary Zerott 

When I Come Around By Green Day Words BY Billie Joe Armstrong
off the album Dookie tabbed by Danny Zerott

well this song is very easy its bacilly 2 riffs
play this 3 times    <=up stroke >down stroke -= rest
a ------6668884-444
d 44444-4446662-222
e 22222------------

then this 1
a -------4-4-4-4-------4---
d 66666662-2-2-266666662---
e 4444444-------4444444----

then repeat that over and over till the song is over


a 7---77777----7--7-7-77777
b -8-8-8888888888888888----
g --9------9999-99-9-9-----

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