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Song: D' You Know What I Mean?
Band: Oasis
Album: Be Here Now
Tabbed by:

All chords relative to the capo
F#m7 022033
A 320033
Esus4 000233
B7sus4 002033
Dadd9 032033

F#m7 A
Step off the train all alone at dawn
Esus4 B7sus4
Back into the hole where I was born
F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4
Sun in the sky never raised an eye to meeee
F#m7 A
There's blood on the tracks and it must be mine
Esus4 B7sus4
Fool on the hill and I feel fine
F#m7 A Esus4
Don't look back cause you know what you might seeee

(Solo over... F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 )

Look into the wall of my minds eye
I think I know but I don't know why
Questions of the answers you might neeeed
Coming in a mess going out in style
I ain't good lookin' but I'm someone's child
No one can give me the air that's mine to breeeathe

F#m7 Esus4 B7sus4
I met my maker made him cry
F#m7 Esus4 B7sus4
And on my shoulder he asked me why
F#m7 Esus4 B7sus4
As people won't fly through the storm
Dadd9 Esus4 B7sus4
I said listen up now we don't even know you're born

F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4
All my people right here right now
D'you know what I mean?
Yeah, yeah... (repeat F#m7 A Esus4 B7sus4 )
All my people right here right now
D'you know what I mean?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah...

I don't really care for what you believe
So open up your fist and you're well received
The thoughts and the words of every man you'll meeeet
Get up of the floor of the leaving line
No ones ever gonna ask you twice
Forget all the fuss and bring it on home to meeee

I met my... (Chorus X4 ... repeat to fade)

F#m7 Esus4 B7sus4 Dadd9 Esus4 Dadd9 Esus4 B7sus4